Firm Learns Tough Lesson After Dropping This Marketing Channel

I recently read this story in the Wall Street Journal and I love telling it to my  marketing friends and watching their faces as I tell them the punch line.

Here’s the Story…

About a year ago, a CEO named Ms. Settle was looking for ways to cut back her costs amid the recent recession.  Considering all the advancements in online marketing and email, she decided it was time to let go of an ‘old school’ marketing channel that she thought had run it’s course.  She then placed all of her focus on email marketing primarily because of the low costs.

She had been spending more than $ 20k/yr. on this “out of date” traffic source, so it was a significant cost cut for her company.  Feeling confident about her decision, she excitedly reviewed her quarterly reports when they came in and was shocked to see that sales were down 25%!

You can imagine her surprise and shock. She figured the recession was worse than she realized.  Luckily, she was able to pinpoint the real issue. She lost the sales because she dropped one of the most solid and viable traffic sources she had been using for years. Her response was, “We realized we had made a HUGE mistake.”

She’s not the only one…the truth is, that a lot of companies have ditched this old marketing channel because of the recession.  Just as many companies ditched it just because it’s considered to be passé.

In June of the same year, Ms. Settles opened up the marketing channel that she closed, and almost immediately recouped the 25% in lost sales!

So what marketing channel did Ms. Settles ditch? … Offline marketing!

But it’s not necessarily the direct mail you’re thinking of (i.e. sending massive amounts of fliers to an untargeted list).  Like any marketing channel, direct mail has evolved too, and the bar has been raised.  The result is marketers spending more time to deliver personalized and more valuable content (something more appealing than junk mail).

What’s the moral of the story?  Don’t discount older marketing methods, instead breathe new life into them! The truth is, leaving them out could cut a hole in your business and ignoring could be preventing you from realizing your potential.

Are you guilty as charged? Leave a comment!

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How Mobile Devices Threaten Un-Mobilized Businesses

This Wall Street Journal Article really says a lot about the power/danger of mobile devices in the purchasing environment. It shows how many customers turn to their mobile phone before making a purchasing decision (making sure there isn’t a better deal out there).

Though the example is directed at retail stores, this just displays one of the many ways that mobile phones can threaten businesses.

Here’s how I look at it…

The mobile device empowers the buyer. Why?

Well, the buyer has the power to make more informed decisions about a purchase, not to mention the empowerment to buy something regardless of where they are or aren’t.

I won’t bother talking about the disadvantages of not having one, because pretty much everyone has one these days. By the end of 2011, 1 in 2 Americans will have a smartphone, while pretty much all of them have some sort of mobile device.

The mobile device either empowers or ravages a business.  Why? …

A business with a mobile marketing plan is empowered!  It stands ready for mobile users, giving them the option to buy their products from a mobile phone and to explore all the information they need to know about their offerings.

A business that ignores mobile marketing… “c’est la vie”!  When a customer is on the run, when a customer is comparing, when you’ve got a better price offer… What are you doing to capture those potential sales, and to save the ones someone else is taking from  you?

Conlusion: Harness or be harnessed (comment below)

Learn More:

Want to harness the power of mobile marketing for your business? Then CLICK HERE!

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