Adgregate Markets Announces Strategic Partnership with Traffic Marketplace

Adgregate Markets Announces Strategic Partnership with Traffic Marketplace

San Francisco, CA, and Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 12, 2010

Today, Adgregate Markets, the leader in distributed commerce solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Traffic Marketplace, a premier digital marketing services company. The deal enables Traffic Marketplace to integrate Adgregate’s distributed commerce solutions, including ShopAds and ShopFans, into their digital marketing campaigns and rich media ad solutions across desktop and mobile platforms.

Traffic Marketplace recently leveraged Adgregate Markets to help turn product conversations into conversions for a leading independent film studio’s DVD and Blu-Ray release campaign. The multi-channel display and mobile campaign integrated Adgregate’s solutions with Traffic Marketplace’s capabilities to drive sales and provide metrics about online consumer conversations surrounding the movie’s release.

Campaign results exceeded expectations, including increased purchase intent more than ten times industry benchmarks, tripled conversion rates, and 5x increased social interactions, including a 25% boost in the movie’s Facebook Fan base.

“The partnership with Adgregate allows us to offer advertisers the final ingredient required for successful interaction and engagement with their target audience: converting purchase intent to purchase conversion,” said Chris Pirrone, General Manager of Traffic Marketplace Display. “We are dedicated to delivering relevance, innovation, security and targeting for our clients and as Adgregate has demonstrated, we can now provide secure transactions within our rich interactive ads as well.”

Traffic Marketplace will offer Adgregate’s secure distributed commerce capabilities within all of their digital marketing solutions including eyengage®, which transforms static banners into rich interactive ads containing functionality of standard rich media, such as rollover, video and animation. Eyengage® does not require Flash or other browser plug-ins and unlike flash ads, eyengage® works on the iPhone and iPad. Eyengage® can turn a standard ad into a vivid display ad in seconds, allowing users to zoom, move, rotate, search, send-to-a-friend, even embed video.

“We’re pleased to add Traffic Marketplace to the expanding list of high-quality networks that are offering Adgregate’s leading-edge technology to their clients,” said Henry Wong, CEO of Adgregate Markets. “Together, we’re changing the way marketers approach rich media campaigns by integrating the security, innovation and results-driven value of our solutions with Traffic Marketplace’s leading digital marketing solutions.”

Adgregate is the only distributed commerce technology to be certified by security and privacy heavyweights McAfee and TRUSTe.

About Traffic Marketplace

A premier digital marketing services company, Traffic Marketplace delivers relevance in online display, registration path, mobile, video and social media advertising by empowering advertisers and agencies to reach, target, and engage their ideal audience. With access to over 140mm unique monthly users, Traffic Marketplace reaches more than 71% of the U.S. Internet population. Through powerful esp targeting technology, Traffic Marketplace can intelligently identify and deliver ads to virtually any target audience. By employing proprietary engagement solutions such as eyengage® rich media and livemarkets™ in-banner chat technology, Traffic Marketplace helps advertisers intrigue, inspire and engage their customers through every online channel. Traffic Marketplace is a company of Epic Media Group, the preeminent privately-held global digital marketing solutions company. For more information, log on to

About Adgregate Markets

Adgregate Markets is the leading provider of secure advertising and distributed commerce solutions. ShopAds™ guide prospective customers from the point of discovery to the point of purchase entirely within innovative online and mobile ads. ShopFans™ turns social shopping on Facebook from conversations into conversions. SecureAds™ are the world’s most secure ads for customer engagement. Adgregate is a privately held company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is venture-backed by leading investors. Adgregate has received numerous industry awards for its innovative advertising technology, including ad:tech’s White Hot Company, Techcrunch50 Finalist, and AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 Winner, recognizing the top private companies in digital media and advertising. For additional information, please visit

Traffic Marketplace Media Contact:

Ina Murdock-Santos

(310) 647-1467


Adgregate Media Contact:

Jessie Morgan

(408) 838-0143


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Why you need Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the way in 2010 to grow your business. Companies who are on board are already reporting they’re gaining strength in the marketplace through acquiring followers.  It’s a terrific opportunity to get traffic and leads, and the cost is little or nothing. If your business is not using Social Media, you need to get on board now before the bus departs. Social Media networks are increasingly replacing pay-per-click advertising as the favoured way to develop an online presence.

Anyone who sells products or services on the Internet should be getting into it. Social Media is ideal for getting that all-important targeted traffic, which you need in order to make your venture profitable. Twitter, as a microblogging platform, is a great tool to help put your business at the forefront; many companies (including Fortune 500 ones) have revealed that it was through use of such platforms that they have increased their profits. Internet marketing has changed, the emphasis now is strategy-based Social Media Marketing. Through the use of Social Media Marketing, it is now possible to build relationships, show that you are the expert in the field and push your ideas to more people than ever before. You need to be reaching and connecting with as many people as you can online, so that you can make them aware of your products or services. The more you can reach, the merrier! One trap to avoid which many people fall into: over- advertising. Do not just push your services or products at people straight away; it is better to develop relationships by letting people know more about you and what you’re about before actually marketing your product or service. Only then do you let them know what it is you actually do. You should devote around 80% of your social media use to finding and building relationships, engaging in conversation, sharing articles or posts and generally adding value. Only around 20% of your social media networking need be devoted to marketing your product or service.

The real bonus to using this method: it’s free! No advertising budget, you can be out there on the web reaching your audience and making contacts which were previously all but impossible to make up to now. It is fun, and an exciting new development. If you use Social Media properly, you’ll raise your profile in search engines and thus generate a lot more quality links. People will then find you more easily. The key phrase is ‘growing relationships’; it’s all about growing those relationships and if you can do that, your business will grow in tandem. And all of this is possible without spending a fortune on pay-per-click advertising!

Ronnie Soo has been in internet marketing since 2009; it is a rewarding venture although it shouldn’t be viewed simply as an earn money fast scheme. With appropriate training you can obtain a viable income from your home and earn money through internet

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Yahoo Search Ads Now Served by Microsoft

As of today, ads on Yahoo are now being served by Microsoft, the latest integration to come of the search and advertising partnership the two companies signed last year.

What that means is that all advertising on both Bing and Yahoo search is now powered by Microsoft’s adCenter (in the U.S. and Canada for now). That gives advertisers access to the combined inventory of both services, which accounts for about 27.9% of all searches according to the latest numbers from comScore.

Yahoo started serving search results powered by Bing back in August. However, it’s important to note that the two companies are continuing to develop their own features around the same set of algorithmic search results. For instance, Bing recently launched Facebook integration that surfaces results based on what your friends have “liked.”

For its part, Yahoo says that it “remains focused on delivering unique consumer experiences … and on increasing user engagement in our owned-and-operated search products to help drive high-quality traffic into the combined marketplace.” To that end, the company unveiled some big changes to its interface earlier this month.

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